interview with shimona sharma

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1. What is your birthplace?

Shimona: Indore.

2. What city are you based in?

Shimona: Mumbai.

3. How long have you been based out of Mumbai? 

Shimona: I shifted to Mumbai in 2014, when I joined Spicejet airlines as a Cabin crew. I had worked as a Senior Cabin crew at Spicejet for almost 7 years. 

4. How do you find an interest in modelling?

Shimona: I’ve been modeling since I was 9. My parents are designers and I used to be their muse. They would make me try all sorts of clothes and I would ramp walk in the middle of our store and I used to just love it, well that’s how my passion started. 

5. From where did you learn modeling? 

Shimona: I used to watch Femina Miss India and practice the walk. Later in 2014 I participated in Mr & Miss Indore, where Mrs. Alesia Raut groomed/prepped as well, she’s the official ramp walk trainer for Femina miss India and miss India universe pageants. So that’s how I learnt the walk.

6. According  to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which is more important?

Shimona: As per me both play a very important role. To start something, you obviously have to get the basics right and gain knowledge. Once we have gained that knowledge, and if we want to achieve our aspirations and stay relevant in an ever-changing world, self-learning is critical.

7. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose modeling as your profession?

Shimona: My parents have always been supportive of whatever I have decided to do in my life, in fact, it’s because of them I started Modeling as I mentioned earlier. 

8. If you get a chance to act in films, shows, or web series will you do it?

Shimona: Yes, I have done few Tvc’s and I would love to see myself on big screens as well. 

9. Do you have role models?

Shimona: Yes, just not one though. I’ve been blessed with many people in my life who are my role models. One of them would be my parents. 

10. Apart from modelling do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Shimona: Yes, I was a state level basketball player in my school days. I still love to shoot hoops whenever I can. 

11. Your favorite Actor & Actress? 

Shimona: I’m not crazy about anyone in particular, that blank keeps on changing from time to time, though Deepika and Ranbir from Bollywood have stayed for quite a long time. And Mathew Perry from Hollywood, particularly because of Friends Series. 

12. Which is your favorite show, web series or film? 

Shimona: At present I’m binge watching Schitt’s Creek and Gossip Girl, and Friends has been my all time favorite.

We had a great interview with Shimona & We wish her all the best for her upcoming projects.