interview with medhavi mishra

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1. What is your birthplace? 

Medhavi : I was born in Jabalpur.

2. How do you find an interest in belly dancing? 

Medhavi : I was really young when I saw Shakira belly dancing on ‘hips don’t lie’ and ‘whenever whenever’ album That’s what ignited the spark of belly dancing in me.

3. From where did you learn belly dancing? Also, according to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which is more important?

Medhavi : Well, I am a self trained belly dancer. In my opinion, both self- learning and having a guidance is important. By self learning you tend to develop individuality in the art form and also the presence of a Guru is really important for proper guidance.

4. Do you have role models?

Medhavi : Yes, Sadie Marquardt Is my biggest role model. Also Shakira and Alex Delora.

5. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose dancing/belly dancing as your profession?

Medhavi : Tbh they didn’t like the idea of me choosing belly dance as a profession. Because of our social norms and prejudices.

6. Apart from dancing do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Medhavi : I am also a sketch artist and paint realistic art. I also like to sing. I was never really a sports person because I clearly sucked at it!.

7. What is your biggest dream?

Medhavi : My biggest dream is to perform a duet with my inspiration. And also to encourage more and more people to accept and perform this art form so that the society understands it in a better way.

8. Share some suggestions for the beginners?

Medhavi : Select the best artist whom you connect with, watch them and practice.

We had a great interview with Medhavi & We wish her all the best for her upcoming projects.