interview with shirsha majumder

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1. What is your birthplace? 

Shirsha – Delhi, but brought up in Allahabad.

2. How do you find an interest in acting and content creation? 

Shirsha – Lockdown boredom, pandemic anxiety, and WFH home stress got me to create videos pertaining to day to day life activities. I never knew content creation was a term that existed. 

 I definitely knew of Instagrammers/bloggers/and influencers who would post fun videos around food, travel, fashion, but never knew of an unexplored space called ‘content creation’. 

So one video led to another whenever I spotted an instance from my personal/professional life, and I guess that’s how the interest in this space was built.

3. From where did you learn Acting? Also, according to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which is more important?

Shirsha – Acting and drama run in my family, never learnt it. I was however always into performing arts (theatre, dance, recitations) as a part of my dance classes, school functions, and the absolutely compulsory Bengali Associations.

In my view, learning from an expert or learning by yourself, both have different kinds of impact. I believe both are important. In my case, I had self learning not only in acting, but in other fields too, where my trial and error method always helped me grow a little more. 

But if there’s somebody who is there to guide you at every step and give your learning a proper shape, that’s surely a blessing.

4. What do you feel about the emerging trend of web series? 

Shirsha – This is a trend that is spreading like wildfire. Not only are web series, enhancing and bringing out the best skills of actors, but changing the audience’s content consumption pattern. The transformation is surely a positive one as web series bring forth the many untouched topics of society and sensitize the audience towards them. It is definitely the future that we’re all already living in.

5. Which is your favorite show, video, or series in which you have acted?

Shirsha – The series with which I started the whole ‘content creation’ bit unknowingly – my Quarantine & Chill series.

6. Do you have role models?

Shirsha – Pankaj Tripathi – the absolute self-made man & Shweta Tripathi Sharma

7. Which is your favorite genre?

Shirsha – Romantic but I make funny videos.

8. Apart from acting and content creation do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Shirsha – I love to play badminton, love to scribble, and love to dance

9. What is your biggest dream?

Shirsha – It changes with the changing times and the immediate priorities I foresee. I want people to know and remember me. Sounds like a dream? Also would love to meet Ranbir Kapoor once though. Too much to ask for?

We had a great interview with Shirsha & We wish her all the best for his upcoming projects.