interview with saveree joshipura




1. What is your birthplace? 

Saveree – U.S. 

2. From where did you learn Singing? Also, according to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which is more important?

Saveree – Both my parents are trained in Hindustani Classical music, and were the ones who taught me starting at age 3. Then I started learning from Vidushi Kala Ramnath at age 8. Also, I think both are equally important.

Learning from an expert is important initially, so you can be corrected in your mistakes. Later, if you don’t self-learn, you don’t have the potential to explore genres you might like, or figure out your own style. Both are equally important 🙂 

3. Your Favorite Song?

Saveree – In Bollywood – Kal Ho Na Ho Title Track.

4. Your Favorite Singer?

Saveree – In Indian Classical, I am a huge follower of Pandit Jasrajji.

5. Your favorite music genre?

Saveree – Both Hindi film music (any genre), as well as Indian Classical.

6. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose singing as your profession?

Saveree – I’m not, but trying to balance a profession in software as well as music! 

7. Do you have role models?

Saveree – I look up to a lot of people – but mainly Shankar Mahadevan, as he initially was an engineer & completed his education before becoming a music director & singer – he was able to pursue both fields.

8. Apart from singing do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Saveree – I am a black belt in Taekwondo, but quit the day I got a black belt… ha-ha.

9. What are your upcoming projects (song cover or collaboration)

Saveree – A collaboration with Priyesh Shah that I am very excited about.

10. What is your biggest dream?

Saveree – Apart from singing, to meet SRK.

We had a great interview with Saveree & We wish her all the best for her upcoming projects.