MEET KUVADIA – Is a writer, actor and content creator. His YouTube channel name is – Meet Kuvadia Productions.

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Story of Every Single Guy
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The Pakao Song.
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1. What is your birthplace? 

Meet – Mumbai.

2. How do you find an interest in writing and direction? 

Meet – When I was in 10th standard during that Jab Tak Hai Jaan was released. And I really fell in love with the song Challa and even the Jab Tak hai Jaan poem. Taking that poem into consideration, I started writing poems and uploaded on Facebook and Instagram.

People started praising my work and with that I stepped into opening my comedy channel on YouTube named as Meet Kuvadia Productions formerly known as Meranaaamjoker Videos. And now I create and produce music videos, short films, daily sketches etc.

3. From where did you learn Film making? Also, according to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which is more important?

Meet – I learned film-making and script writing from observing other’s work and self learning. And at times working with other experts for my channel I learned the art of editing, direction, writing, impromptu, etc. Both types of learning are fruitful together and should be there as it helps you develop confidence and skilled in that particular department.

4. What do you feel about the emerging trend of web series?

Meet – It’s phenomenal. The content, direction, acting, etc. is at par with what we see in movies. Basically because of these websites there has been and will be a great demand for character actors like KK Menon, Pankaj Tripathi, Vijay Raaz, Jaideep ahlawat etc. in near future. Web series gives them the needed amount of exposure to showcase their talent which is a boon to an artist.

5. Which is your favorite show, video, or series, which you written or directed?

Meet – “The Pakao Song: Indian Version of Bella Ciao from Money Heist” is one of my current favorite videos that I created and written myself. And it had crossed 1K + views in just one day on YouTube and currently it stands at 1.8K+ views on YouTube. On Instagram IGTV it stands at 1.6K+ views with 128 shares by people.

6. Do you have any dream project? 

Meet – Yes, I do have a dream project, which I’m currently working on. Something which people wouldn’t have expected from my channel. Hope everything works out well, then you all will be able to see by this year end.

7. Do you have role models?

Meet – My dad and SRK.

8. Which is your favorite genre?

Meet – Comedy.

9. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose film-making as your profession?

Meet – The most supportive family I’ve ever had. Not even my family but my friends and relatives all were really supportive of my work. One day I really wanna create some good work which will make them feel proud about me.

10. Apart from film-making do you have an interest in sports or any other field? 

Meet – Cricket & singing.

11. What is your biggest dream?

Meet – To get my phenomenal break under Neeraj Pandey’s Special OPS 2. And showcasing my talent and doing a memorable job under it. Also to get more work after it step by step in many websites and movies and having me stand in the industry.

12. What are your upcoming projects?

Meet – Shorter duration daily sketches and my dream project.

We had a great interview with Meet & We wish him all the best for his upcoming projects.