1. What is your birthplace?
Shadwal- Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

2. Do you have any digital marketing certificate or degree?
Shadwal – Specifically, I don’t have any degree, but I have been trying to gain knowledge about it from many sources out there like YouTube and many other websites.

3. Do you have any interest in writing poems, quotes or stories?
Shadwal – In starting when I made this page “The Untold Phrase” there was not that much interest. But as The Untold Phrase is a platform for amateur writers to showcase their writing skills, I have been working with many writers all around the world and this made me write well to some extent. And now I can write beautiful one-liners or blogs.

4. Your Page on Instagram –  The Untold Phrase has more than 66k followers. So can you share some suggestions on how to increase followers on Instagram?
Shadwal – Growing a page on Instagram is all about your content. If your content is good everyone will like and if not then no one. So when I made it in 1 year I reached almost 6-7k followers in next year I reached around 30K and in the past two months, I have reached 66K followers and growing too. Growing is all about content, using the right hashtag, posting at the correct time, and sometimes the number of posts in a day.

5.  What is your biggest dream?
Shadwal – My biggest dream is to serve the nation from the Administration level.

We had a great interview with Shadwal & We hope he will achieve all his goals.