Interview With Adarsh Yadav – TAEKWONDO PLAYER

Adarsh Yadav is a Taekwondo player. He is also a co founder of Instagram pages – Taekwondo Junction and The Untold Phrase.

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1. What is your birthplace?
Adarsh – Beautiful place ” Varanasi”.

2. How do you find an interest in Taekwondo?
Adarsh – “It’s in my blood ” this line is very famous in taekwondo and I agree with this. Yes, it’s in my blood and it will always be. I was in 1st standard in Vanita public school and there were a 50 minutes hobby classes where I started my journey of taekwondo and I love to watch action movies and imagine those characters and the taekwondo came up in my life with full of action.

For support he was always there for me, my coach Mr nandlal jaiswal and my friend, schools and my lovely family …Then I always focused on one goal that was gold medal because when I saw people get a medal in assembly and their announcement of name and all people clap for it that was the best feeling and then national anthem which brings me goosebumps …and then what, my motivation took me to district medalist to state medalist and then national medalist and now only aim to play for India.

3. From where did you learn Taekwondo? Also, according to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which is more important ?
Adarsh – From my School. I think learning from an expert is the best option but for implementing self-learning is needed.

4. Apart from Taekwondo do you have an interest in sports or any other field?
 Adarsh – Except for taekwondo, I have also interest in photo editing.

5. What is your biggest dream?
Adarsh – To represent India and I have been working on it, working hard.

6. Do you have any role model?
Adarsh – My parents Because I love their loyalty and they sacrifice their happiness, their need everything for me and my brother. One and best ideal parents I have … I can’t express my feeling but I love them a lot
Ha agar hum jaiso k liye koi role model hona chahiye to vo mere liye to TVF ke founder Arunabh Kumar hi hain …big fan.

7. Is your family being supportive when you told them that you want to become a taekwondo player? If not, then how did you convince?
Adarsh – Of course not …but when they find me dedicated and I got the best player award in C.B.S.E. Championship then they realize and start supporting me with full of love.

8. You have 2 pages on Instagram. Tell us more about them?
Adarsh – Taekwondo junction is the page where we post about taekwondo. Taekwondo is martial art and taekwondo is not popular in India, popular means people are not aware of this game. I want to spread awareness about this game and now this page is also getting famous all over the world .Special thanks to my partner MAYANK PANDEY, he helped me a lot and he is a backbone of this page.

In starting when I made this page “The Untold Phrase” there was not that much interest. But as The Untold Phrase is a platform for amateur writers to showcase their writing skills, I have been working with many writers all around the world and this made me write well to some extent. And now I can post beautiful one-liners or blogs. Special Thanks To My Close Friend SHADWAL SINHA 2nd Admin Of The Untold Phrase.

9. Do you have any interest in writing poems, quotes, or stories?
Adarsh – Not at all this but I have interest on drawing and sketching

10. In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP?
Adarsh – Hum sirf badi badi baate likhte hai bolte hai lekin wahi kr paate hai jo roz hmare sath hota hai ….. usi ko hum relate kr paate hai hum aisa content select krte hai jo log apne daily life se relate kr sake hum bus apne audience k dil tak pahunchna chahte hai  unko achcha aur motivated feel krana chahte hai …….I hope ki un tak hum jo sochte hai pahunch raha ho.

11. Your Page on Instagram – Taekwondo Junction has more than 55k followers & The Untold Phrase has more than 66k followers. So can you share some suggestions on how to increase followers on Instagram?

Adarsh – Suggestions for growth of page that is only content matters …for growth, numbers of the post in a day, the timing of the post , caption and hashtags all these matters a lot In this last 2 months the untold phrase and taekwondo junction both grow well and We earn 30k + more followers

12. Do you have any digital marketing certificate or degree?
Adarsh – No, but I am looking for it But for the knowledge, I learn from YouTube.

We had a great interview with Adarsh & We wish him all the best for the upcoming tournaments & hope he will achieve all his goals.