Talent Stories – Varul Chaturvedi

Talent Stories – Varul Chaturvedi

Name – Varul Chaturvedi. Talent – Storyteller and Writer.

Read this interview to know more about him.

1. What is your birthplace?

Varul – I was born and brought up in Jabalpur.

2. How do you find an interest in Poetry and Storytelling?

Varul – I used to read many novels. So after reading many novels, my command in words has increased, and then I started writing my poems and stories. Also, I’m a Bollywood freak, so I love watching movies, and I loved the concept of story writing. The things I wrote first were unorganized. Slowly I developed my writing skills and then started making it in an organized poetry form. Also, I started performing in open mics and shows.

3. Do you have role models?

Varul – Yes, I have role models. The person who had gone through struggles for achieving his dream, I find a role model in that person. I idolize Sandeep Maheshwari and Chetan Bhagat sir – THEIR IDEAS ARE BEYOND OUR IMAGINATION .They are also like us but they see the world differently which we can’t .

4. Whats is your biggest dream?

Varul – My biggest dream is to be the no 1 anchor of India and to see India growing.

5. What is your USP?

Varul – My USP is that I try to learn new things every day and my ability to observe increases my knowledge, which helps me a lot to connect with the society and gives me courage and inspiration to do something for the better future of the society.

6. Your family supported you?

Varul – Yes my family is supportive and always encourages me to do new things and follow my passion.

7. Do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Varul – I love cricket, and I have learned and played cricket at club level for 2 years. Cricket teaches us team spirit, and it has a widespread influence, and somehow, it connects every person in the world.

8. Which is your favorite web series?

Varul – Kota Factory. Being the first black and white web series of India, it showed the struggles of every student studying there. The way jeetu bhaiya Mayur more acted and portrayed their respective roles with the support of Ahsaas and Ranjan Raaj made it one of the best web series of India

9. When did you think of starting a YouTube channel?

Varul – We thought of starting a YouTube channel. When we saw people’s wrong mentality and their reserved ideas which is harming society in a certain way

So we decided to open a YouTube channel called ” maamla maansikta ka ”
where we take public opinions and show other people the mentality of today’s world by asking questions on topics that people generally hesitate to say.

We wish him all the best for his future projects.