Interview With Sayandeep Sengupta | The Super Talented Actor

Sayandeep Sengupta | The Super Talented Actor

Sayandeep Sengupta is an actor. He has acted in – Imperfect (Series), The Office (Web Series), Dulha Wanted (Web Series), Taxi Driver (Short Film) and TV commercials. He has received very positive reviews for portraying Amit Sharma’s character in “The Office” web series.

Some Videos Links of His Work

Imperfect | Series | Official Trailer
The Office |Web Series | Official Trailer
The Office – Amit Sharma | Promo
Taxi Driver | Short Film
Imperial Blue | Advertisement
Dulha Wanted | Web Series | Trailer

Read This Interview to Know More About Him

1. What is your birthplace?

Sayandeep – My birthplace is Kolkata, but I have been brought up in Delhi.

2. How do you find an interest in acting?

Sayandeep – I started doing theatre when I was 11. I really enjoyed it,  So my interest in acting came from those days.

3. From where did you learn acting? Also, according to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which is more important?

Sayandeep – You cannot compare both of them. It is essential to get trained by those who have experience because they will teach you things which will help you to grow faster and self learning never stops.

4. What do you feel about the emerging trend of web series? 

Sayandeep – I think it is a great time to be an actor, or a filmmaker or any other crew. Because web content is being made on such a big scale that there is employment for everyone.

5.  Which is your favorite show, video, or series in which you have acted?

Sayandeep – Till now, all the work I have done, I have enjoyed it and they are special in their own way. However, I think my favorite till now undoubtedly will be ‘The Office’.

6. Do you have any dream role? 

Sayandeep – Oh yes I have many, and more keeps adding with time.

7.  Do you have role models?

Sayandeep – Daniel Day-Lewis, Guru Dutt, Dilip Sahab and Shah Rukh Khan.

8.  What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose acting as your profession?

Sayandeep – They were like ‘ok great. Give your best’. When I started doing theatre, I was 11, so they knew I have an inclination for it. Also, I started dancing. Then my family said – you should choose one between acting and dancing.

“Do naav mat chalao. Ek chalao. Dono mein se kaunsi chalani hai decide karlo”.

So I decided to do acting. After that parents ne kaha- pehele graduation khatam karlo and agar acting choose karliya hai toh usmein apna 100% dena. So they are and have been very supportive.

9. Do you ever think of writing or directing videos, web series, or movies?

Sayandeep – Too early. I want to only focus on acting.

10. Apart from acting do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Sayandeep – I love sports , any kind. Currently  I am enjoying rock climbing; Running and badminton.

11. Chasing your dream was difficult?

Sayandeep – If you are chasing a dream, Sabhie difficulties face kartein hai. Without facing difficulties, there is no way up. Difficulties I faced and facing may not be same as others.

12.  Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream?

Sayandeep – Just keep learning; keep working on your craft every day. Be consistent, be persistent, and believe in yourself.

13. What is your biggest dream?

Sayandeep – Again I have many dreams. I don’t have one, One of them is that I want to make our country more recognizable in terms of actors. I hope more actors from India reach at an international position where they are at par with the actors from rest of the world.

14. What are your upcoming projects?

Sayandeep – There are two projects that I have finished. One is for Eros Now – The project name is called Flesh, which has Swara Bhaskar and Akshay Oberoi, and the second show is for Applause Entertainment.

We had a great interview with Sayandeep & We wish him all the best for his upcoming series, and film projects.