Interview With Ayush Shrivastava – The Man With Complete Creative Package

Ayush Shrivastava – The Man With Complete Creative Package

Ayush Shrivastava – is a creative producer at TSP and TVF. He is a very creative man, and he has learned editing and film-making by watching videos on Youtube and other websites. He believes that – If you have any talent in you and you are not scared of doing hard work; then no one can stop you from achieving all the things that you want to achieve in your life.

Some Video Links Of His Work

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Read This Interview To Know More About Him

1. What is your birthplace? Also, from where did you completed your school and college?

Ayush – I was born in Durg. I have done schooling from 8 schools because my father was in government service, and after every 2 to 3 years, my father used to get transferred to a different city.

I have done my graduation from Chennai SRM. In Chennai SRM an event called – National Level Tech Management Fest is organized every year. In the 3rd and 4th year, I was the organizer of that event, and from there, I have started gaining more interest in this field and event management work.

Infosys, Cognizant, and TCS mein mera placement hogaya tha. However, until 4th year, I didn’t know that I want to make a career in this entertainment and digital industry.

2. How do you find interest in Editing/Direction/Producing?

Ayush – I started as a video editor. I learned about editing and filmmaking by watching videos on Youtube. I used to watch these tutorial videos for approx 18 hours a day.Then I went to Indore and done an internship as a VFX editor in Wittyfeed. After doing editing for 1 year, I became the head of the post-production, and after a few months, I got promoted and became one of the youngest creative head. After that, I joined the TVF.

3. According to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which one has more impact?

Ayush – If you want to learn about – Direction, Editing, Screenplay. You can learn these things online. Everything is available on the internet. Also, it is good to have a degree from any institute. However, it is your choice you can learn it from online or from any institute.

4. Chasing your dream was difficult?

Ayush – Initially, my family was scared because I don’t have any contacts and background in this industry. It was a big risk altogether. When you start working in this field, many people say many things about your work, and they will underestimate you. However, you don’t need to underestimate your talent and ability. My key learning was to – keep learning every single day, don’t ever think that you know everything; no one can stop you if you are up to date. Read and watch much productive stuff.

To be the best, you need to beat the best.

5. What is your USP?

Ayush – Personally, Keep track of your Key roles and your contribution to the organization; it should anyhow graduate and keep on increasing with improving quality. I can’t see myself doing the same thing which I was doing 3 months back. I need to have something new and learn it as much as possible.

Also keep yourself surrounded by the people who are better than you, by doing that you will always be ready and attentive, which will gradually keep you moving. Never get into a comfort zone.

6. Which is your favorite genre? Also, do you have any dream project

Ayush – I want to make something like a House of Cards. I used to watch many political shows, and I am very much interested in political genre shows. So yes, I want to make a show in this genre.

7. Do you have role models?

AyushRole Model – Sameer Saxena and Arunab sir because they are not scared of taking a risk and doing an experiment. They are the pioneers of this industry, and I am proud to work with them.

8. What was your family’s reaction when you told them that you wanted to go into the digital industry as an editor or a director?

Ayush – It is a very entertaining story. I didn’t tell my dad that I have started the internship in Wittyfeed. However, after one month, I got an offer letter from Wittyfeed. So I told my dad and mom that I had got an offer and I want to do this job. Because after working for 3 months in this company, I started feeling that I want to this only, and this is the right profession for me.

So my dad said that he does not have any background in this field. So you have to do it on your own. So on that particular day, I decided that I will do my best at this job and will try to achieve all my dreams through my hard work and dedication.

9. Do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Ayush – Lawn Tennis and Table Tennis. I have played pre-national of Lawn Tennis. In Tennis, Rafael Nadal is my role model.

When I was in Indore, I organized a table tennis tournament in the office, and I won that tournament too.

Now in TVF whenever we get some free time we play table tennis.

10. Any advice to the new generation, coming into or willing to come into this field.

Ayush – Stick to your intuitions; keep trying the different process of film making, get involved in and out in the process, starting from ideation, writing, shoot, editing and even how to market your product. Keep learning new things every single day, Stick to what you do best and learn the peripheral skill sets needed around it.


I follow a Mantra that after every 3 months, I cross-check that – I am doing the same thing or not. So if I am doing the same thing, then I am not growing. So according to me, after every 3 months, we need to do or try new things. Otherwise, our growth will be very slow

11. What is your biggest dream?

Ayush – Mera biggest dream hai ki mera jo ghar hoga usmein ek tennis court hoga and I will play tennis with Nadal. Agar woh achieve hojata hai toh I guess main life main kuch bada toh kar hi lunga tabhi woh mere sath aakar khelega.

We had a great interview with Ayush & We wish him all the best for his upcoming videos, series, and film projects.