Interview With Parul Gulati – Supremely Talented Actress And Entrepreneur

Parul Gulati – Supremely -Talented Actress And Entrepreneur

Parul Gulati – is an Indian film actress and entrepreneur. Parul has acted in –Zorawar (Film), Romeo Ranjha (Punjabi Film), Nee Jathaleka (Telugu Film) Burrraahh (Punjabi Film).

TV Shows – Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam, & P.O.W – Bandi Yudh Ke.

Web Series – Selection Day, Girl Hostel, Haq Se, Hey Prabhu & Gustaakh (Short Film). Parul is a supremely-talented actress & she has also received excellent reviews for her acting in different shows and series.

Parul also has her own company of Hair Extensions by the name of Nish Hair.

Some Video Links Of Her Work.

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Haq Se | Official Trailer | Web Series
Gustaakh | Short Film
Sis Code At Work | Girliyapa

NishHair Videos

Read This Interview To Know More About Her.

1. Your early life info like – birthplace, school, college, degree?

Parul – I am from Rohtak, Done schooling from Shiksha Bharti School, and graduation from Mumbai University.

2. How do you find an interest in acting?

Parul – I never imagined that I would become an actor, but eventually, when that happened, I fell in love with the art of being someone else without losing myself.

3. From where did you learn acting?

Parul – I did multiple acting workshops, went to RADA in London to educate myself, Adi shakti and from Sourabh Sachdeva to renew my skill set and learn more each time, you can never stop at one school. 

4. According to your self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which one has more impact?

Parul – Both go hand in hand. First, you learn the basics from an expert and put it all together and then make it your own.

5. Chasing your dream was difficult?

Parul – It had its share of goods and bad, but I wake up each day with a new dream, where I am working towards my main dream.

6. In such a cutthroat competition, what is your USP?

Parul – ME, there is no one like me; everyone is so unique and what we have no one else has. So the same way what I can do no one else can. 

7. What do you feel about the emerging trend of web series? 

Parul – It is good, for people like me who have struggled to find their niche in the industry or let’s say just a small place and web has done that for us. The employment rate has gone up.

8. Which is your favorite genre?

Parul – Comedy, simply because it is the most difficult to crack. 

9. Which is a favorite show, video, or series in which you have acted?

Parul – It is yet to release, can’t name it but maybe because it is my latest one. I am pretty damn excited about that one.

10. Do you have any dream role? 

Parul – If a biopic is made on the life of Amrita Pritam, the poetess, I want to portray her role in that biopic.

11. Do you have role models?

Parul – My mom and Ellen DeGeneres .

12. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose acting as your profession?

Parul – We all had the same reaction as I got selected from Facebook for a series.

13. Is your family was supportive when you told them that you want to become an actress? If not, then how did you convince?

Parul – My mum was very cool, and she convinced papa, and then everyone was happy.

14. Do you ever think of writing or directing videos, web series, or movies?

Parul – Maybe producing a video, series or films as I am pretty good with bossing around and the money part.

15. Apart from acting do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Parul – Hair extensions, I own a company of hair extensions – Nish Hair, In which I manufacture and create content for myself.

16. Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream?

Parul – Be patient and okay to take rejection, for me, in the beginning, it was smooth sailing, but when I finished that show, I faced a lot of rejection and a long, long wait.

17. What is your biggest dream?

Parul – To be able to live in people’s memory through the characters that I will portray and become a part of history.

We had a great interview with Parul & We wish her all the best for her upcoming series, and film projects.