Interview With Aparna Jha – Professional Model

Interview With Aparna Jha – Professional Model

Aparna Jha — is a professional model. Aparna is graduated in Journalism and Mass Communication from Jagran Lake City University, and post-graduation from MIT Pune & she was a university gold medalist during her graduation and post-graduation.

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1. Your early life info like – birthplace, school, college, degree?

Aparna – I was born and brought up in the heart of incredible India, Bhopal. As a kid, I was always shy and under-confident. I completed my schooling from the St. Montfort School. I graduated in Journalism and mass communication from Jagran Lake City University, and my post-graduation in the same from MIT Pune, which molded me into a confident and independent individual.

2. How do you find an interest in modeling?

Aparna – As a child, I was always fascinated by the pageantry and modelling, but never had the confidence to pursue it. Being in front of the camera excites me, I always found pleasure in anchoring and starting gaining confidence, that’s when I thought, that modelling is where I see my career in.

3. From where did you learn?

Aparna – I underwent my pageant training from Ritika Ma’am at the Tiara Pageant Studio in Pune. The degree of self-transformation and accelerated learning I had here through her guidance is absolutely priceless.

4. According to your self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which one has more impact?

Aparna – Well, I believe both are imperative, some expert to guide you makes things a little smooth. However, this doesn’t mean that you stop self-learning, if you desire to shine bright, it is crucial to practice and work on yourself each day. Because, at the end of the day, no one can help you more than yourself.

5. Chasing your dream was difficult?

Aparna – I believe it’s always about the priorities, I have been my university gold medalist both during graduation and post-graduation; the decision to skip all my placement activities to pursue my dream seemed futile to a lot of people, but that’s what made me feel content, and satisfied. Moreover, if you are blessed with such a supportive family, every tough journey seems beautiful.

6. In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP?

Aparna – It’s my discipline and patience that gives me an edge over others. I believe that “Fall seven times, stand up eighth!” no matter how adverse or struggle the situation comes with, I deal it with optimism and hard work.

7. What do you feel about the acting? And if you get a chance to act in movies, shows, or web series will you do it?

Aparna – I’d love to, I am accepting towards all the opportunities that the universe throws at me to explore.

8. Which is your favorite genre?

Aparna – I have a tilt towards suspense, thriller, mystery, and comedy. It enlightens my mood and curiosity.

9. Which is favorite show, video or web series?

Aparna – I enjoy a variety of shows like Orange is the new black, Suits, Game of Thrones, Money Heist, and The Vampire Diaries. But, my favorite has to be FRIENDS, because it’s evergreen and reminds me of the fact that how blessed I am to have companions who are so supportive and accept you the way that you are, believe in you at times when you don’t even believe in yourself.

10. To whom you look up to? Any role model?

Aparna – Mahendra Singh Dhoni is my biggest inspiration. His discipline, and emotional intelligence motivate me, the amount of passion captain cool holds is appreciable.

11. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose modeling as your profession?

Aparna – I called my parents that I am participating in Fbb Campus Princess in Pune organized by the Miss India Organization. They were surprised, honestly, like what happened suddenly to this nerdy girl! I won it and they were extremely cheerful.

12. Is your family being supportive when you told them that you want to become a model? If not, then how did you convince?

Aparna – My family was very excited and supportive about it. A lot of times we keep things to ourselves in the fear that people will judge us or say no to it, but stop self-assumption and talk about it; you never know what life has to offer you!

13. Apart from modeling do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Aparna – Apart from modelling I find joy in anchoring, cooking and drawing mandala art.

14. Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream?

Aparna – Firstly, believe that you can do it and not to let someone’s opinion tell you that this is not meant for you. Secondly, be optimistic as well as patient, good things take time. Therefore, always embrace hard work, perseverance, and passion.

15. What is your biggest dream?

Aparna – My biggest dream is to represent India internationally in a Pageant and make my countrymen proud.

We had a great interview with Aparna & We wish that she will achieve all her dreams.