Interview – The Inspiring Journey Of Pippa Hughes – From Ludlow To Indian Film Industry

The Inspiring Journey Of Pippa Hughes – From Ludlow To Indian Film Industry. | Image Credit – Broadway Studios.

Pippa Hughes — is a trained dancer and actor. Pippa has acted in — ’21 Sarfarosh — Saragarhi 1897′ (TV Series), Zaban Sambhal Ke (Mini – Series), Shaitaan Haveli (Web Series) Banjo (Film), Dating Devil’s Daughter (Video), Shivaay (Film), Jab Harry Met Sejal (Film) & more.

Apart from Acting & Dancing – Pippa is also writing a book called ‘Margaret’. And three films will be made on her book. Pippa is not from India, so, she had to do a lot of hard work to learn Hindi for Acting & to understand more things about the Indian Film Industry.

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21 Sarfarosh – Saragarhi 1897 | Trailer | TV Series
Zaban Sambhal Ke | Web Series | Trailer
Shaitaan Haveli | Web Series | Trailer

Read This Interview To Know More About The Inspiring Journey Of Pippa Hughes.

1. Your early life info like — birthplace, school, college, degree?

Pippa – I was born in a small English town called Ludlow where I lived with my family until I was 18.  I went to the local school and from age 11 I went to a nearby city called Hereford school and college. After I turned 14 I spent all my time at a dance studio after school, I worked there and also took classes every evening in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz. I loved it. Then I studied Dance, Psychology, Biology, and Business at college, and always got mostly average grades no matter how much I studied… Because I spent all my time dancing! And then I got really lucky! I got accepted into a wonderful performing arts school in London and left home to become a performer! But then nobody prepared me for the hardships, London rent, bills, fees for the school and food, etc… it was expensive, So, I worked in a local pub as well.

2. How do you find an interest in acting?

Pippa – Originally I came to Mumbai to be a dancer in movies here. But then I got interested in acting once I noticed the lack of British actors here, I always like to go against the crowd! But I wondered why there was so less Because, in London we have lots of Indian actors or British Indian actors alongside many other nationalities too, and stories actually get made on multiculturalism — in fact, most modern series or films, especially from the BBC, will probably have one Indian or British Indian character at least.

The UK is forward-thinking with cultural integration and that’s something I love. And with the growth of Netflix etc. Its clear people are loving variety and fresh ideas these days. So, I realized Mumbai had a gap in the industry which perhaps could be filled… with me!! It wasn’t without worries though as I know the government is very protective of Indian stories and want to keep the jobs for Indians, it was never my intention to play an Indian character, I simply want to merge cultures to make interesting entertainment. And I have full faith in the Indian filmmakers to provide enough work for all, whilst maintaining traditions and moving towards a strong future for Bollywood.

3. From where did you learn?

Pippa – I learned to act at the FCAI in Oshiwara with my tutor Rahul Kohli who taught me everything I know about screen acting. I did have acting classes in London, but that was more theater-based training.

And then of course the biggest lessons come on set, So, I’ve also learned a lot so far from watching the experts I was lucky to work with like Sunil Grover, during his live shows, Mukul Dev, Mohit Raina and being directed by Raj Acharya, and of course from listening to words from Shekhar Kapur too. I actually made him sit down and watch some of 21 Sarfarosh just for his words of wisdom! I think having good people around who can be brutally honest and yet still boost your confidence can really make you think in alternate ways which are so important for acting.

4. According to you – self- learning or Learning from an expert. Which one has more impact?

Pippa – It’s so important to do both, self-learning is the hard way, but very effective, but you can only go so far that way without needing other minds and input to help you expand your own mind. And learning from experts is equally important because it can lift you up to the next level to allow you to further teach yourself. Sometimes I get frustrated or lose confidence if I have to learn from my own mistakes. Especially dealing with bad comments or opinions from the public and having to pick yourself back up, but it certainly is necessary for any kind of success. I think the most important lesson of all is learning to take on criticism from others.

5. How much it was difficult to pursue your dream?

Pippa – It’s never easy to follow a dream, especially when there are so many other people wanting the same, and who could also probably have more talents or do a better job than me, but somehow I’ve been lucky that every time it’s seemed impossible, a little good luck comes along to give me the strength and inspiration that makes me think okay Yes, this is where I’m meant as. If it feels right then no amount of hard work or challenges are that scary. There will always be underestimated mountains, but as long as you keep walking, everything is possible to achieve I feel.

6. In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP?

Pippa – I think every human has so many USP’s it’s impossible to know what your own is. For sure I’m a perfectionist, so I like things to be absolutely correct and done properly, which can be a USP, or that I’m from England could be another, but I don’t want to use any USP or become stuck a certain way because of what people think my USP should be, acting is team work, so it’s about what the entire film’s USP could potentially be that is most relevant.

7. What do you feel about the emerging trend of web series? 

Pippa – I love the trend of web series, I think it offers actors so much more variety and gives many more writers opportunities to create great content. Not to mention the variety of shows for audiences.

It’s a genius invention and I hope more investments are made to allow even more content and improved quality for web shows. I’m also interested to see the small shift in the industry and dilution of this strict film/television actor status, it should be about talent and skill and not about money.

The top actors should stay on their toes and keep learning and progressing too, and I think web series offer the chance for more talented people to come forward.

8. Which is your favorite genre?

Pippa – My favorite genre is action adventure! I’m waiting for the day I can take on an awesome lead female who can be the next Lara Croft.

9. Which is favorite show, video or series in which you have acted?

Pippa – My favorite show I worked on was 21 Sarfarosh because we became a family on set and it was the longest time I’ve spent working on any project, it took us around 8 months to shoot it all, and I loved every minute. There were a few ups and downs like food poisoning on set or delayed shooting days and extreme exhaustion! But then any good project takes a part of you and Teresa is forever in my heart now.

Shaitaan Haveli is a very close 2nd though, I spent the whole time on that set in fits of giggles working with Varun!

10. Do you have any dream role? 

Pippa – I do have a dream role, it includes adventure, action and history. She’s called Margaret and I’m writing her. Watch this space

11. To whom you look up to? Any role model?

Pippa – I look up to so many people! My Mum, of course, because she’s 6ft2! But industry-wise, I like to look up to Meryl Streep and Judi Dench. I think it’s healthy to take inspiration from lots of different people and then recognize your own positives too and never ever follow the crowd!

12. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose acting as your profession?

Pippa – My dad didn’t take too well to me wanting to act and dance, he just said he hopes I marry a farmer and work in a bank. My mum was always there to support me, but was always realistic and made sure I had a back-up plan just in case. Although she loves it when I’m home and I do always feel bad leaving for work again! It’s tricky because everyone assumes performing isn’t a real job, and the amount of times I’ve heard someone ask when I’ll get a ‘real job’ is crazy! But I’m happy in this space so at the end of the day, what people say doesn’t matter too much.

13. Is your family being supportive when you told them that you want to become an actor? If not, then how did you convince?

Pippa – I didn’t really convince them, I just left the country and said watch me do it. I think my family knew they wouldn’t be able to stop me from going after a job I love. It was just nice to hear them say they’d always be there for me if anything went wrong. So that’s been really amazing and I can’t fault them for their opinions when they’ve always been my backbone in reality! Sometimes it’s easier to not have the heated or worried conversation about what may or may not be, and just support and love each other as families do and it will all be fine in the end. We’re all human and sometimes we have to discover the risks and problems for ourselves rather than be told.

14. Do you ever think of writing or directing videos, web series or movies?

Pippa – I could never direct, I think only the most amazing people in the world can handle that much pressure and deliver. But yes, writing content excites me and I was working on a few different ideas over the last few months. I’d love to see one of them go ahead soon! If not, I’ll be back on the acting scene again once the writing is out of my system!

15. Apart from acting do you have an interest in sports or any other field?

Pippa – Apart from acting I like to literally escape to the wilderness and see new places. I love getting to a new location and exploring or going for evening walks. I’m not competitive or sporty particularly, but I do have random obsessions like Willow trees, summer sunsets, raspberry jam and hot air balloons. My number one thing to do on a day off is drink a cup of tea in the garden with family, or at a café and people-watch, all day long!

16. Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream?

Pippa – I think just follow what feels right, work hard and certainly spend lots of time training and learning your craft. Mistakes aren’t the end of the world and things won’t be amazing all the time, but always try and be a positive light to others and surround yourself with those who do the same for you. Other than that, it’s just luck! And giving your best in auditions.

17. What is your biggest dream?

Pippa – My biggest dream is to start a family at some point in life. It’s really easy once the ball is rolling to be swept along in the career whirlwind and keep working hard, but time just keeps running away no matter what, and I’m 25 now, so I hope I do one day pause the madness and start a family. I don’t know when, but I just hope it’s in the cards.

We had a great interview with Pippa & We wish her all the best for her upcoming series, & film projects.