Interview With Yash Purohit – The Very Talented Kalakaar

Interview With Yash Purohit – The Very Talented Kalakaar

Yash Purohit – has acted in many videos and after watching those videos we can say that he is a very talented & natural actor. Apart from acting, he loves writing short stories, poems, lyrics. Yash was also the Assistant Director at (Bati Gul Meter Chaalu). Currently Yash is doing work with – TVF (The Viral Fever) & TSP (The Screen Patti). Yash has received great response for portraying Virat Kohli in the videos.

Some Video Links Of His Work.

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Read This Interview To Know More About Him

1 . Your early life info like – birthplace, school, college, degree etc.?

Yash — Imagine a fat child born in Bombay, being bullied now and then because of being introverted and obese to an extreme. I did my schooling from “Yashodham High School” till 8th grade, it’s my childhood that made me what I am today, and I am too grateful for the rough road, I had a chance to walk, being bullied and then becoming a subject of laughing-stock to other people, some of my age and some elder than me made me pick up the pen and write things which could have ruined their lives because they would get confused, should I be angry on myself or laugh on myself? My role models from Bollywood stars changed into some rebel’s like George Carlin, Marshall Mathers, Leonardo DA Vinci, and Rajneesh. You will be able to notice a pattern in those names, all were rebel’s. My own insecurities created a rage in me. It was in 6th grade, I was a part of major fight in school. I was strangled by neck and was then admitted to hospital twice due to which incident and still remember I was not able to consume anything, forget about food even water which I was consuming, was flushing out of the system, I was vomiting out all my insecurities, all my shyness, all the fear. It was just that incident after that something within me changed forever, 8th grade I count as luckiest and the year that transformed this shy fat guy to a demon with pen, for the near ones it was curse because I failed, but it was that grade when there was regular bag check in school for books. I was caught with contents in the bag which shocked everyone, there were more than hundreds of pages of notes, rhyming syllables, funny one liner on other students, teachers against whom I had angst. It didn’t surprise me school failed me that year, and I didn’t even care. From 8th grade to 10th grade, yeah that’s possible, I don’t know why the hell such loopholes are there in education system, I gave 10th privately after failing 8th grade and did Arts in Mithibai College (11th & 12th), I was fat and ugly till 11th grade Christmas, as vacations started I convinced myself I will lose weight, still my family, friends, neighbors, and everyone around me ask me how did you lose 28 kg in 46 days, that’s an absurd calculation, no it isn’t, it’s all about habits you create, since then it’s my ritual to go for 10 km run every alternate days, I don’t need to keep the check on my diet, but I do as I know being fat didn’t only hurt me physically but drained my childhood emotionally.

I was enrolled in Mithibai College and did my First year of Bachelor in Arts, but by that time film making entered in my life, and like other major colleges, Mithibai too had attendance regulations which I wasn’t able to follow. I was convinced not to pursue college degree because I was convinced I was smart enough to crack anything, but only if it isn’t forced upon me and our education system makes a lot of things forceful, that was the reason I never joined any film School later too, I knew I would lose my natural instincts towards arts when a professor there will teach me his methods. So, I went to Lords Universal College after taking a year drop to get my Bachelor degree in Mass Media, it was just for my father, he never stopped me from anything and this is the one thing he wanted. I cleared BMM in advertising without any drop but didn’t collect degree yet, I told my parents before I started going to college, this degree is not my back neither it is going on any wall with a frame. I always believed in when you want to conquer an island you need to burn all the ships which made you reach there or else your mind will always gravitate towards the ship to make an easy exit.

2. How do you find interest in acting?

Yash – For me it was never about only acting, writing directing, camera work, editing, lighting, set designing, costume etc. It was and is still about Film making as a whole, like Charlie Chaplin, Bruce Lee, these people were more curious than intelligent according to me. Intelligence in one thing will always create boredom, on the other curiosity in every area or your web of interest will make you not only intelligent but a person who is skilled and admirable. It all started when I was in 4th grade, when I first picked up pencil to write something from my soul not that what teachers told me that I have to or else I would amount to nothing.

I never stopped writing, be it short stories, poems, lyrics. In college too where most of them were high on studies, I was doing my choice of poison writing. I still feel, I didn’t quit writing made me meet the people at the right place at right time. I was in the team of the festival which mithibai college organized “KSHITIJ”, I was in Technical Department who handled all sounds and lights of this huge event, their supplier of these sounds and lights equipment caught us working smartly and presented the job opportunity in their company “Shiva lights and sounds”, again curiosity played the major role here and without thinking or letting parents know I joined it, I worked for Five months there and did gain immense experience as a 17 year old of the outer world which was wild, we did more of the corporate events. I was so grateful for the opportunity but had no idea that universe will give me something that I won’t be knowing at that time how to be grateful about it. A friend party I had no intentions to go which was in Kharghar, and I was staying at Goregaon. My dad convinced me to go if the call, and I still think if dad didn’t convince me that day what would it had been. They say it’s always good to be optimistic in life, I say, meet my father. So, I went there, and Mr. Paul Varghese enters my life. We met for the first time and we got clicked. I had no idea this guy was working in camera department of the series called “24:Season 1” with Anil Kapoor as a lead actor and producer. He saw my interest in writing, and also, we had a talk about how I was having in the knowledge in lights too. .. Two weeks later I got a call for interview, sorry no place in camera department as of now, didn’t lose hope, I was back to writing. A month later, Abhishek Nambiar, he is a mentor, brother and a friend, we have had a professional relationship more than a personal one because we know our mind clicks there the most. So, he called me to Tulip Star hotel where the shoot was already going on. As my resume had so many events in it So, it was understandable that I can manage events, so, I can be helpful in managing shoot, and they had no requirement in camera department, but they required an intern in AD(Assistant Director)I still feel grateful the way he presented me the reality on interview itself. He showed me some spot boys and said that also you might have to do, the spot boy was moving have portable Air conditioner, I was all in for it and it was spot team member who taught me most of the film making that’s not a joke, I see new people talking shit to them and I just can’t understand why are they so dumb? Most of the spot sir’s are in Industry for more than 25 years, just by looking at you they can say will you be able to survive in this industry, I had very good friends and colleagues from spot department in every project, . Abhishek then took me with him for the projects such Noise by Bejoy Nambiar and Kedarnath by Abhishek Kapoor as an Assistant Director.

3. Where did you learn? And according to you self-learning or learning from an expert. Which one has more impact?

Yash – Life. I mean it. No film School can teach you survival in industry, you pay them fees to pamper you in making projects, you make a couple of short films with an easy-going attitude. But that’s what I see when I have people working under me, there is a huge difference, few years in industry and you can just tell in 30 minutes max that if the person is from film School or not. The industry is rough and not quitting attitude is must. Whatever happens? Even if you are freezing in ice-cold water shooting for Kedarnath at kedarnath for a week, there should be a do-or-die attitude within you if you want to be consistent or simply said, if you want to survive in this industry. I learned a long time ago where the focus goes energy flows. I always had this, my family is my backbone, no one is from this industry, but the way I got motivation and inspiration from parents, specially my brother Dhawal Purohit and my sister-in-law Sneha Purohit, they are more excited about my new projects than I am now days, and that actually pushes me more forward.

Changes are essential for human psychology.I had my fair share of film set, I was too curious for digital, the web, The Viral Fever. This time all close one’s including friends, family, colleagues from earlier projects doubted my judgment of shifting from films to digital thinking it’s taking steps backwards. One of my friends Anubhav Sarda, whom I met through one of the closest friend in my life Ritwik Palnitkar. Anubhav is a wonderful editor at TVF, and a good friend who made sure I get one interview in TVF Campus, I was a lot confident about the interview, not because my resume was too strong but my curiosity to understand and serve the company was at a peak. I joined as a Chief Assistant Director. It was Abhinav Anand (Bade Miyan of The Screen Patti — “TSP”) who saw Virat Kohli in me and then the actor inside who was curiously willing to come out and explore what’s it like came with an explosive performance, I am too grateful to entertain millions of you and I promise to do that by some or the art form. I can share the lesson of survival. ‌Don’t join film School thinking, it will make you a film maker. Half of them just running business to mint money and gas lighting students by making them do projects. Before the making films through lenses, see such lies through own lenses. ‌Learn the crew language, it’s essential, its how you main relationship and how you communicate with every crew member will take more ahead than your talent single- handedly can. It’s a fact, nobody wants dull, non interesting, low in energy, or someone with low enthusiasm in their project. ‌Get assigned to one department, but find chances to work for other department. People above you will stop you for that. But don’t stop, be curious. ‌keep you smartness in pocket. One always know something or other better than you. Learn that. ‌CHANGES ARE ESSENTIAL FOR GROWTH. ‌Did not quit!

4. How much it was difficult to pursue your dream?

Yash – It’s a question that has not one, but many answers, if you keep playing cricket since childhood and one day you become professional cricketer. So in the wide lenses it looks too smooth. But I had a major career break down in my last year of degree where I did one mistake no one from creative field should. It’s a spiritual thing now, ISOLATION, they say you should have it, spiritual guru says you need it, it’s all bullshit, isolation as mini vacation is fun. But complete isolation is a disease, it is not in human psychology to be isolated, certain parts of our brains cells gets highly affected if communication with humans in general stops, you will be one depressed soul for silly reasons which you will highlight in front of world as something too bad or worse happened to you. I was in that place, but again it was Abhishek Nambiar, as I was becoming all normal and back to life, I planned to go a play football with people in neighborhood, guess who screamed my name from behind, yes, you guessed it right, it was him, again ready to help me get back to industry. I know that day I had certain desperation in my voice that I need one project and no questions asked him said will you clap(Slate) for my project that was the best football match ever, I won before the game started and then Kedarnath happened. Yet there were the twists to come, after the kedarnath schedule there was shoot in Bombay which new team of AD was going to handle. Again!!!!! But my batti was not gul yet.. Life pushed me back to film set from Goregaon to Kandivali I shifted, and the house we got was of none other than Garima Wahal, I have the highest level of respect for her as a writer and as a human too. She is the writer of Ramleela(Ranveer & Deepika), Toilet : EK Prem Katha (Akshay Kumar) and also the writer of the film I worked in as Assistant Director (Batti Gul Meter Chaalu).

So many times when I was in hell and on the edge of just exiting the industry, but I knew I was a storyteller since childhood, I can influence myself by creating an all-good story during the worst time and make myself stick to film making. “ –Yash Purohit

5. In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP? 

Yash – I always show up, no matter what, I have many of my colleagues to speak of it. As I said “ For me there is not only one area of interest, but it’s a whole film in making process,” and it has always turned out to give me so much advantage. When I am on set if there is for example, Art or Costume person is absent due to certain reason, in production diary that work might be stopped or paused, but on my set I know how to make things work around that. I am always curious to know what every other living beings on that set does and if they know certain things that are not in my knowledge, I just see them do that thing again and again. You see, as Leonardo DA Vince quoted, all great victories, all successes, everything that is creative and meaningful boils down to one thing that someone somewhere was just too curious.

6. You have done comedy videos. So do you want to write, act or direct different genres videos, films, and web series?

Yash – You are intelligent because I think you already know the answer I am going to give.

7. Which is your favorite genre?

Yash – I have a mix answer for this, but let’s say whatever content I create, whether it’s comedy, action, thriller, etc. It will always have a satirical touch on it. I have been a fan of satire artist since a long time now, South Park creators – Trey Parker and Matt Stone, they are someone whom I, love and respect, just that fearlessness and cutthroat truth to face, even Chuck Palahnuik, David Fincher.. You see the pattern, these creators have no one genre, but many genres have one thing in common.. SATIRE!

8. Which is your favorite video in which you have acted in it?

Yash – There are 2 –

  1. BTS — Ranveer Deepika wedding. It was an amazing script, but what matters to me is always confidence, trust and support. I was a Chief AD and yet whole crew had an immense trust in me that I’ll pull it off Virat’s character, and it was never because of the looks I have, yes it helps, but they or some other digital production can have anyone with sharp jaw line and beard, and I swear there are people who look more like Virat than me. But it’s all about minute expressions of such a loud, aggressive character you give camera to capture.
  2. BTS — Indian Dressing Room. It was one hell of a laughter riot when were shooting that. It’s like now after doing many projects together me and Abhinav both know what each of us want. It was my first time being an actor when he was directing, I still remember, on set I can’t be silent, and when acting I try to stay in character and in all aggression even when I was giving cue to the character Ravi Shastri when camera was only on him, and yet I was giving cues in aggression and it was too loud, it’s one of the most fun set I have been on. But he always knows when and how to stop me doing.

9. Do you have any dream role? 

Yash – Yes, whatever comes next, sketch, short film,  film.  I will just do what I do.  Working with curiosity and it becomes my dream project. 

10. To whom you look up to? Any role model?

Yash – Leonardo DA Vinci, David Fincher, Marshall Mathers, & Rajkumar Hirani.

11. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose acting or writing as your profession?

Yash – Never had to face such thing because I just started without saying it to anyone and once they came to know they already knew ship has sailed a long time ago. But I can guess what would have come to their mind ” Tell us something we don’t know”.

12. Has your family been supportive when you told them that you want to become an actor? If not, then how did you convince?

Yash – My family never had obligations, as my mother says they saw me making ways to get into the industry, she knows exactly what is it for me to entertain others as I am a joker and an irritating monster too with her, I have experimented with so many characters in front of her just for the sake of her reactions.

13. Share some suggestions to the upcoming beginners of your stream? 

Yash – Be the one to show up during a crisis. Have an ability of doing it all. Don’t love your work like your sweetheart, love it like a game you always want to win. Be optimistic Don’t be too much of a nagging person, if there is a lot on your plate, you are lucky because many outside are starving. Be a person who anyone can be confident about.

14. What is your biggest dream?

Yash – I am living one right now with open eyes. 

We had a great interview with Yash & We wish him all the best for his upcoming videos, shows, series, & film projects.