Interview With Ravina Singh – The Hardworking & Talented Actress

Interview With Ravina Singh – The Hardworking & Talented Actress

Ravina Singh – Is an actor and writer. Ravina has acted in many videos & short films. Also, after watching her performance in those videos & short films, we can that she is a very natural actor. Apart from acting, she also writes stories for her YouTube channel. Ravina is the co-founder of – ‘The Burning Brains’ channel.

Some Video Links Of Her Work.

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Read This Interview To Know More About Her.

1. Your early life info like – birthplace, school, college, degree etc.?

Ravina – Born in Madhubani district of Bihar, my father is an air force man so schooling has been from KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA GURGAON Sec 14, after that, I attended Jesus and Mary college of Delhi University for studying B. A Hindi honors., then completed my M.A from lady Shree ram college D.U in the same subject.

2. How do you find interest in acting?

Ravina – I have been always involved in Co curricular activities in school that introduced me to acting as a part of school plays and I started developing an interest in acting as it came naturally to me as if it’s a part of me.

3. From where did you learn?

Ravina – I have been part of my school play, after that in my graduation days I have been part of my dramatics society and theater also and even I learned commercial theater acting for a group called marry go round, it’s in Gurgaon, after that I learned camera acting for some months from finest studios and became a part of YouTube world.

4. According to you self-learning or learning from an expert. Which one has more impact?

Ravina – Self learning is more impact full because acting is something which comes from inside your own involvement with the character will lead you to your best performance. but having an expert to guide you is a privilege which you should always take, it makes you more disciplined for your work and what kind of attitude you should have towards life and your passion.

5. How much it was difficult to pursue your dream?

Ravina – Difficulties are just a state of mind when you are passionate about something you will always find a way to do it, I have been through ups and downs, it was difficult to pursue this profession as a middle class family kid, no one was in my support Initially but things change! You should always know that. Keep believing in yourself, that’s important, but you should also know your weakness if you are not sure about something or can’t see any scope, stop wasting your time on it.

6. In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP?

Ravina – Believing in myself is the only thing which keeps me going, and the vibes you create it should be happy and positive. Be flexible, adaptable and humble and actually be it.

7. You have done comedy videos. So do you want to act in different genres videos, films, web series?

Ravina – Of course!!I would love to expand my boundaries as an actress.

8. Which is your favorite genre ? 

Ravina – Sci-fi.

9. Which is your favorite video or web series which you have acted in it?

Ravina – Till now there are many videos which I love, but the English crush course by Nazarbattu is one of the closest to my heart video as it gave me the identity I have in the YouTube and another one is passing bye (short film) by Natak pictures.

10. Do you ever think of directing or writing – videos, web series, or films?

Ravina – I always believed that there are two types of actors one is the entertainer or Creator you can say who can do multiple things and always come up with an idea and another is an artist who only know how to play with his/her art and I consider myself the second one I’m an actress I never explored scripting and direction till now but may be in future if I feel like I can do it. Yeah, but I write poems I can’t deny my love for literature.

11.  Do you have any dream role? 

Ravina – No not yet, but I would love to do any character which is challenging and help me grow as an actress.

12. To whom you look up to? Any role model?

Ravina – I look up my mother most of the time and my father for the strength to fight for my dreams.

13. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose acting or writing as your profession?

Ravina – Actually, I never told them that what I wanna choose, they never forced me for anything except they always wanted me to complete my studies which I did so after that I just took permission to live by my own and started working as an actress, I took my own responsibilities. They were just worried initially but now they support me for my decisions.

14. What do you think about the emerging trend of web series? 

Ravina – I feel it’s amazing, a great platform to showcase some real talent without commercializing much and it gives the audience a large no of options and emotions to connect with, I personally feel web series are closer to real life than big budget movies at least most of them.

15. Is your family being supportive when you told them that you want to become an actor? If not, then how did you convince?

Ravina – Given my half answer above… but just wanna include one thing that if you really wanna convince your parents for whatever you do then just be responsible and strong that makes them believe in you.

16. Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream?

Ravina – There is only one suggestion that You should always know if you can do it or not, don’t waste your time just because you are attracted or fascinated by this industry. This place takes a lot of mental, physical, and emotional strength. So always know your strengths and weaknesses it will save everybody time.

17. What is your biggest dream?

Ravina – I wanna get directed by Sir Imtiaz Ali.

We had a great interview with Ravina & We wish him all the best for her upcoming videos, series, & film projects.