Interview With Parikshit Joshi – Director / Actor & Writer – The Multi Talented Man

Interview With Parikshit Joshi – Director / Actor & Writer – The Multi Talented Man

Parikshit Joshi – Is a multi talented man. He does not only act in videos or web series but also has directed, & written comedy videos, & web series for The Viral Fever, The Screen Patti, & Girliyapa.

Some Video Links Of His Work.

We Need To Talk | Girliyapa
Zeroes Web Series Trailer | TSP
Friendzone Se Kaise Bache? TSP
When You Fall In Love | TSP
Ek Admission Aisa Bhi | TVF

Read This Interview To Know More About Him.

1. Your early life info like – birthplace, school, college, degree?

Parikshit – I was born in Haldwani, used to be a small town in Uttarakhand, which has now become a business hub. My ancestral house is in Syalde, a village in Almora. I did my schooling from Carmel Convent School, Faridabad till 8th Standard. Then I moved to Jodhpur, Rajasthan and did my rest of schooling from there. I used to be quite an All-rounder at school. I graduated in Journalism from Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi. Before joining TVF I was working for a small production house and was looking for a Diploma in Advertising from Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi.

2. How do you find interest in direction?

Parikshit – There was a one day show I did for a radio station called 94.3 MY FM, Jodhpur, called Chhota RJ. This was back in 2010. It was a fun entertainment thing for the channel, but it seriously made me consider scope in the entertainment industry. I had started exploring the field when in 2011; there was a theatre workshop at our school, which made me understand Theatre and Cinema beyond just acting, before that acting was the only thing I used to look at. It was then that I started appreciating Writing and Direction more; however, there was always a love for stories and telling stories. It was in the last year of my graduation that I thought to myself that maybe I could do that visually.

3. Where did you learn?

Parikshit – I continued doing theatre in college for another year before I completely left it. Since I graduated in Journalism there were a lot of people around me who were photographers and editors and student filmmakers. We were also learning the basics of the camera and the edit in our syllabus. Thankfully, I had some teachers and seniors who helped me explore and appreciate better cinema than what I had access to. Also, the internet came as a blessing to me. I’d sit for hours continuously to watch DIY tutorials and interviews of filmmakers I used to love. It was then that I went to make my initial short films and documentaries, all of which are so bad that I begin to explain, but that used to give me a sense of satisfaction and achievement. That was where I could apply the things that I was learning from my film school, The Internet.

4. According to you self- learning or learning from an expert. Which one has more impact?

Parikshit – It is all about the influences that you have, the people that are around you, how well you process and apply the input that you get, no matter where you get it from. I wanted to join a film school but then for me, things happened in a different way and experiential learning has come in handy (till date). I have met all kinds of people from both the sides, so yes, highly subjective.

5. Who is your favorite director?

Parikshit – I generally don’t have absolute favorites. I genuinely love Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Vikramaditya Motwane, Vishal Bhardwaj and Bimal Roy from the Hindi film industry. I have come to appreciate Ritesh Batra a lot lately. I am also a big time fan of Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan and Richard Linklater and many more.

6. According to you, what qualities one should have to become a good & successful writer and director?

Parikshit – I think apart from the urge to tell a story the way you want to tell it, I’d quote MSD says “commitment and consistency”. I think if these two things are present rest everything follows, you keep learning new things, updating yourself with more knowledge, be better at the sets and on paper, so on and so forth. Those are the two things I am testing myself for. 

7. You came to Mumbai with a dream of becoming a director & writer. So how & when did you started acting in videos & series? 

Parikshit – I always wanted to try it out as an actor, that was the first thing I understood about the entertainment industry. When I joined TVF as a Writer, I kept doing small things here and there in the videos that we do. That’s how it is for everyone there. Eventually, when TSP wanted to do something in the rom-com zone I was deemed suitable and so it started.

8. How much it was difficult to pursue your dream?

Parikshit – I guess the only difficult thing about pursuing a dream is, as I said, committing to it and being consistent at it. I don’t I have achieved what I set out to achieve when I left home. I still think it is a long way, but I am pretty committed to it, let’s see if the consistency can happen. At the end of it, it is an everyday choice that we make.

9. In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP?

Parikshit – Not thinking much about it, I guess. I used to but I realized that just stops you from being better at what you’re trying to do. So lately, whenever I have such thoughts, I try to cut them out and focus on how can I do whatever is at hand to the best of my capabilities. Gun to my head, I think, honestly.

10. You have directed & written comedy videos. So do you want to write, act or direct different genres videos, films, and web series?

Parikshit – Of course I want to. In fact, I think I am the lesser funny of the lot. I am more of a feeling person and love all kinds of stories and I really want to try a hand in as many as I can, in any capacity I can.

11. Which is your favorite genre? 

Parikshit – Again, no absolute favorites. I love anything from Lynch to Linklater, from Ray to Kashyap.

12. Which is your favorite video or web series which you have written, directed or acted in it? 

Parikshit – To be honest, there are bits and pieces of videos that I like. I think Reunion Roadtrip and A Day Before Exam Results are the two videos which has a lot of bits I think I did nicely. I think Zeroes and Weekends, both are shows which have helped me learn a lot, so picking favorites this early is too vain. You might have realized by now how difficult it really is for me to pick favorites.

13. Do you have any dream film project? 

Parikshit – Oh yes, more than one. Time will tell if I have the ability to pursue them. 

14. To whom you look up to? Any role model?

Parikshit – Many. To name a few, I love how unapologetic Steve Jobs was, how humble Dravid is, how calm Dhoni is despite being how innovative he is, how Gulzar sahib updates himself and is fresh every time, how rational Javed Akhtar is, how perseverance Anurag Kashyap is, how learned Zoya Akhtar is, how innovative Rahman is (of course they have more to their personalities) There is so much to learn from everyone around you.

15. What was the first reaction of your family when you told them that you want to choose direction or writing as your profession?

Parikshit – They were pretty supportive. They knew that I want to do something in the creative industry and I did show aptitude for the same, but what, neither of us knew. They saw my short films and documentaries and they knew it would take a long time for me to do it but they still used to be supportive. I had figured to myself that I would work in Advertising in Delhi to be stable enough to move to Mumbai later, this is 2016. They were satisfied, they saw me planning for my things and they felt that I was growing up, so yes that was never a problem.

16. Has your family been supportive when you told them that you want to become a director? If not, then how did you convince?

Parikshit – Initially, as I said, none of us knew what I was doing, but just because I had some solid plans, I gained their confidence. It was when TVF happened that things started becoming solid. When I broke the news they didn’t understand what I was talking about. Digital content was pretty fresh then and had its impact mostly on the youth. So I told them about Pitchers and Permanent Roommates and what IMDB was and how TVF had done. Convincing them for going to Mumbai was a bigger task, though, but yes, they did understand.

17. Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream?

Parikshit – That there is no one way of doing things. No matter what anyone says, you have to be delusional enough to know that there is another way of doing it, your way. You’re delusional only until it is true and there no better thing than the test of time to know it for sure. Of course, nothing can replace learning, processing it and applying it, but how you do that is your process, find it.

18. What is your biggest dream?

Parikshit – To die without regrets. To look back and know that I did whatever best was possible and not just at work; friendships, relationships, in everything I do. I think it is a lot to expect one’s self, but yes, that’s it.

We had a great interview with Parikshit & we wish him all the best for his upcoming shows & film projects.