Interview With Rohan Gujral – The Next Big Thing

Interview With Rohan Gujral – The Next Big Thing

Rohan Gujral – Is one of the best emerging stand up comedian in India. He has won some stand up contest & now he is the contestant of Comicstaan season 2. After watching his performance in comicstaan 2 we can say that he is – The Next Big Thing of stand up comedy world.

Read This Interview To Know More About Him.

  1. Your early life info like – birthplace, school, college, degree? 

Rohan – I have completed my schooling and engineering from Mumbai itself.

2. How do you found interest in stand up comedy?

Rohan – It is in college that I realized my passion for comedy. There used to be an event called Ignite at my college where one needs to make a 5 min quick  presentation and entertain the crowd. I was not sure whether I’ll be able to do it, but I thought, let’s just give it a try and enrolled myself for it. I ended you winning the competition and getting a 6k cash prize. This made me confident about being able to make people laugh on stage. But I still didn’t think of it as a career. But I was so intrigued by it that I started watching western stand-up comedy online. After watching a few foreign comedians online I got fascinated by this field. I had also seen a rise in the number of Indian comedians posting their videos online which further made me sure of the opportunities in India. But I got a high paying job in Bangalore immediately after my college so I let myself get complacent and thought I’ll pursue stand-up later in life. But at my job I realized that I wasn’t very interested in the work that was offered there and my interest lied elsewhere. So I left the job in 5 months itself and came back to Mumbai and started going for open mics regularly.

3. From where did you learn?

Rohan – According to me the only way to learn is by doing regular open mics. You will learn stage presence and the nuances of standup such as timing and delivery only on stage. Also talking to a few other comedians and watching them perform can be very insightful.

4.According to you self learning or learning from expert. Which one has more impact? 

Rohan – Both are required in some amounts. Stand up is an art form where one needs to understand himself very well, so naturally you will learn more by yourself only but a few things in writing and performance can be learnt much more easily by an expert.

5. How much difficult it was to pursue your dream? 

Rohan – It was difficult in the initial months as you don’t know what you are doing on stage. But once you get a grip on delivering jokes and understand basic structure of standup it becomes easy. I was also lucky that I won the Mumbai comic hunt when I was only 3 months into comedy due to which I got a chance to perform at the Pune comedy festival 3.0. This gave me a lot of confidence and I started getting much more stage time henceforth. I got into comicstaan in my 11th month of comedy, which was a mammoth booster to my career and skill.

6.In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP?

Rohan – I just believe that you should focus on improving your skill rather than competing with anyone else. Stand up being a very personal art form, one can’t compete with anyone but himself. So the only way is to write every day, get on stage and try the new stuff out. Keep the stuff that works and add more to it tomorrow. It’s a very iterative process.

7. Do you have any other options apart from this? 

Rohan – No.

8. To whom you look up to? Any role model?

Rohan – I like a few people’s styles and delivery. Biswa Kalyan Rath and Abhishek Upmanyu are my favorites.

9. Is your being supportive when you told them that you want to become a stand up comedian? If not, then how did you convince? 

Rohan – My family was not very supportive initially as they did not understand why someone would leave a high paying job and do this where getting paid properly starts only after 2 years of regular effort. But once I started getting better and got on Comicstaan they became more supportive and stare supporting me in pursuing my passion.

10. Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream? 

Rohan – I would just advise you to be as regular at stand up as possible. Get on stage at least 4 times a week and write every day. The stuff you write initially won’t be as funny and you may not get very big laughs but don’t get disheartened by that. If you keep at it, soon you will start killing on stage with a tight 5 min and then 10 mins and eventually the producers will start to notice you and give you longer spots. It is a slow process in the beginning, but has high rewards in the end. Most people are very excited when they get into comedy and get even happier when they start killing. But then they get irregular due to laziness or other commitments and start doing average on stage. Then start blaming themselves or the system for not being good. Don’t get into that loop. Just be regular and work hard.

11.What is your biggest dream? 

Rohan – I don’t a have a ‘biggest dream’ in particular as I believe that dreams keep changing as you evolve. But one of the things I would like to achieve is to be able to do solo auditorium shows all throughout the country and also a few countries outside of India.

We had a great interview with Rohan & we wish him all the best for his upcoming stand up comedy shows & other projects.