Talent Stories – Prakam Singh Rajpoot

Talent Stories – Prakam Singh Rajpoot – His name is Prakam Singh Rajpoot. Talent – Actor | Model | Anchor. Prakam has worked on several short films, videos, music videos & drama plays.

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1. Your early life info – school, college, degree etc.

Prakam – Saraswati Shiksha Mandir, Madan Mahal, Jabalpur.I’m a College Drop Out.. Sounds Cool Na.. 

2. How do you find interest in acting |modelling & anchoring ?

Prakam Acting – I have given audition for Anikiran Production’s Short Film “Dosti At Its Best”. And it started from there only.

Anchoring– During my graduation which couldn’t completed though. I got selected for anchoring to our own college channel. Which was a National News Channel and from there my interest started devolving towards anchoring.then I hosted some college parties, sangeet and some more events. So the journey begins…

Modelling– Once up on a time in 2012, I participated in a Modelling Show that is Talent Trackers. And again it was organized by the channel where I was working. So making myself better in every next day..This started from here.

3 . From where did you learn ?

Prakam – FROM GRACE OF GOD, I am a good observer and got a chance to meet several talented people, to whom I learnt a lot.Actually you can learn from everyone, this is my belief. I learnt what to do from good people and what don’t from bad ones.There are people more experienced than you..They can tell u how to do or what to do but at the end its you n only you..Who has to perform.

4. According to you self learning or Learning from an expert. Which one has more impact? 

Prakam – Both are very necessary from their own places. But what really matters is learning either from expert or yourself. Once Henry Ford Said “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning  stays young.” So I want to stay young who else doesn’t want.????

5. How much difficult it was to pursue your dream ?

Prakam – Yes, It’s been difficult for me specially to pursue the dream which I’m living for… From the beginning itself I never get any good guidance about this entertainment field. So I started doing whatever I feel like. I never say, Everything is that easy, I say anything is not that tough. So it’s neither easy nor tough. All you need to channelize your energy to the right path.

6. In such a cutthroat competition what is your USP?

Prakam – MY BELIEF IN GOD, positive attitude and beleving yourself too. That’s the only thing which boost up my confidence like anything.

7. Do you have any other options apart from this ? 

Prakam – Probably I have.. but I never focused on those options. It could become a distraction.

8. To whom you look up to? Any role model?

Prakam – I cant say role model, i’ll say role models. In Acting Ranveer Singh, it’s my pleasure to call him my role model. He is not just an actor. He is an energy himself. Apart from ranveer.. My some role models are Peter Dinklage, Johnny Depp, Our Own Iron Man Robert Downey Jr., Kit Harington, Tom Cruise.

In Modelling, Milind Soman Sir & Arjun Rampal Sir.

In Anchoring, I love Girish Sharma’s And Abish Mathew’s Anchoring.

9. Is your family being supportive ? If not, then how did you convince?

Prakam – I’ll say they are insecurely supportive. N yes I had to convinced them bcoz they had lots of misconeption about this entertainment field. So it was my duty to clear these wrong theories.

10. Share some suggestions for the upcoming beginners of your stream ? 

Prakam – Just believe in yourself.. Stay Positive..You and only you can achieve what u dreamed for.. and believe me..If you can dream it, u can do it.

11. What is your biggest dream ?

Prakam – It might sound inappropriate. But In easy words,  I want to become famous. I want to make my family, friends and city proud.

We wish him all the best & hope he will achieve all his dreams

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