Talent Stories – Shivani Joshi

Talent Stories – Shivani Joshi – Her name is Shivani Joshi. Talent – Photography.

Read this interview to know more about her.

1. What is your birthplace?

Shivani – My birthplace is Jodhpur.

2. How do you find an interest in photography?

Shivani – Three years ago I clicked a picture. And because of that picture I found an interest in photography.

3. Do you have role models?

Shivani – My Guruji Shivji Joshi.

4. What is your biggest dream?

Shivani – My biggest dream is to become a successful female photographer.

5. Your family is supportive?

Shivani – Yes.

6. From where did you learn photography?

Shivani – I’m learning photography from Shivji Joshi, Ramji Vyas and Sarvesh Joshi.

So this was a short interview with Shivani.

We wish her all the best & hope she will fulfill all her dreams

 Note – This is not a paid promotion